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logger and MSC with fatfs

Question asked by mbavaro on Oct 11, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2012 by Clive One
Hello experts and sorry to bother you once more.

I implemented a FW for a STM32F102CB that combines logging and USB MSC (Mass Storage Class).

I took the USB MSC from
and modified mass_mal to use this SPI layer:

The logger has a dual buffer and simply writes the full buffer using this code:

if (bLogOpen) {
  fres = f_write(&fLogFile, &(ppuLogBuff[1-iWhichBuff][0]), DBUFF_HSIZE, &iWritten);
  if ((fres != FR_OK) || (iWritten < DBUFF_HSIZE)) {
    bLogOpen = FALSE;
  else {
    if (iSynchPack == 0) {
      fres = f_sync(&fLogFile);
      if (fres != FR_OK) {
        bLogOpen = FALSE;
} else {

I am facing an issue that I think being related to an access conflict.
Both serial port logging and USB MSC access the microSD card with SPI (no DMA anywhere).

If I disable logging when the USB cable is plugged in, the PC will recognise the microSD, I can browse it, and everything seems to behave normally even though the write speed on the SD card is very slow (about 120kBytes/sec).

If I keep logging onto the SD card regardless of the USB cable being connected or not, then the PC does not enumerate the card or says it's empty and so on.

As I said above, I suspect that whilst I am flushing the log file the interrupt service routine of the USB will kick in and find the SPI middleware in an inconsistent state. If that would be the case, I could flush the stream at higher priority than the USB ISR, but it just does not sound right.

I would like the STM32 to keep logging even if the USB cable is plugged in so that my customers can extend the battery life of the logger simply by plugging a battery pack to the USB.. and even browse the contents without necessarily stop the logging.
Any suggestions? What other code could I post to describe this situation better?

Best wishes,