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Customizing Custom HID descriptor

Question asked by navarro.benjamin.001 on Oct 10, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2012 by navarro.benjamin.001

I need to set up a USB connexion between my computer and an STM32 device so I took the Custom HID example provided by ST and I'm trying to make it works as I want.

I just want to send and receive up to 8 bytes so I wrote this report (inspired by the example of course).

I can actually send some data from the computer (to light LEDs) but I can't get the value of the ADC.

In my main function I have an infinite loop like this :

    while (1) {

            ADC_Value[0] = (ADC_ConvertedValue&0xFF00) >> 8;
            ADC_Value[1] = ADC_ConvertedValue&0xFF;


            USB_SIL_Write(EP1_IN, buff, 3);


The USB configuration should be ok because with and old (buggy) descriptor I managed to send data but not receive data correctly 

Do you see anything wrong in what I'm doing?