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custom bootloader and peripherals in application

Question asked by palitsky.gennady on Oct 6, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2012 by Clive One

I am using STM32F107 with custom bootloader.
Quite a few peripherals are initialized and used in a booloader.
At some seminar (don't remember which one) I asked about reinitializing peripherals
after the jump to application and got an answer that peripherals settings are kept intact
during the jump.
So now I only relocate a vector table in the application.
Seems like some peripherals are ok (spi and i2c are working fine, for example),
but some seem not behaving good.
For example, until I reinitialized the timer, delays were much longer than asked for.

Now I have a strange behavior in the application I can't explain yet.
When I run it in a debugger (everything is initialized), it works fine.
But in real life, when it goes through the bootloader and some staff probably
is not reinitialized in application, I see problems.

Unfortunately, I can't debug bootloader and application together (I am using Keil and
they don't know how to do it).

Are there any ideas about peripherals behavior in application after the jump from a bootloader ?
Also maybe someone can advice me how to debug a bootloader together with application.

Thank you,