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STM32F0 - programming ?

Question asked by nicholas1 on Oct 3, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2012 by nicholas1

I have a STM32F0 on a custom board that I'm trying to program via SWD using IAR and a ST-LINKv2 dongle I got after cutting a discovery board in two.

What happens is I always get the fatal error - no MCU device found error... although everything seems in order.

Both VDD, VDDA and NRST are high with 100nF caps, all pins get nice stable 3V3. BOOT0 is high with the resistors as datasheet suggests. CLK and DATA are both connected properly - PA14 to  pin 2 and PA13 to pin 4 on the CN3 header. Both jumpers removed from the ST-LINK. 

Earlier I thought maybe I broke it when i sawed it off but i've also tried with an intact Discovery kit (jumpers off) and same thing happens.

Would appreciate any suggestions?