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CDC device implementation - problem with set_break & set_control_line_state

Question asked by sider.sergio on Oct 3, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2012 by sider.sergio
Hi All,

I am implementing the CDC device in the STM32F4 series (using the Discovery board and the STM3240G-Eval board).
I made it work but I noticed (at least on Windows XP) that the commands sent to change RTS/DTR and BREAK do not work. Is it a problem with the Windows drivers (not implemented) ?
The calls arrive on VCP_Ctrl routine but Buf is always null (unless the command is to set or get the LINE_CODING. I would like to have a complete implementation (because I need the break signal and DTR/RTS.

Thank you very much.
Sergio P. Sider

PS. Fantastic to find TSUNEO in this forum!!!