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STM32F4 Firmware upgrade

Question asked by pirie.russell on Sep 22, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2012 by pirie.russell
I have found a few examples of how to update the firmware on a STMF4. The first one you needed to use a usb memory stick and the second one you had to reset the microcontroller and put the boot pins in the correct configuring to put it into dfu mode and then use some weird stm software to upgrade the firmware.

I have noticed the st-link uses a stm32f1? microcontroller and to update this you simply run a little .exe and it talks to the microcontroller checks the current firmware version and then downloads the latest if needed. no putting it into some weird boot state.

my question is can this simple process be used on the STM32F4 as well? if so does any one know where the documentation for this process is?

thanks :)