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ADC value in interrupt

Question asked by ericsson.ola on Sep 14, 2012
I have set up interupts on the ADC1 (AWD) and ADC2(EOC). They both works well, but i'm having some concern about the values from the ADC1.
If I get an AWD interrupt, how can I then make sure that I'm getting the value from the ADC that triggers the interrupt?
Currently I read my ADC ADC_GetConversionValue(ADC1). However if I have many other interuppts with a higer priority it seems like the ADC have alredy sampled a new value before the IRQ-rutine is lanched and my triggering value is lost.

Is there a way to either stop the ADC from samping when AWD kicks in, or to get the old sample value... Any ideas?
If I put up priorit on the interupt, can I then be sure that I get the correct value...