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STM32 sdio sdhc 4gb problem

Question asked by can.yigit on Sep 13, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2015 by Clive One

I've a problem with sdhc used with sdio in stm32f4-discovery platform. I've tried 2 versions of fat file system and sd driver, but I am not able to run sdhc properly.

The things I tried;

1) Nemui's sdio implementation with chan's fat version 0.09a.
2) stm324xg-eval implementation with also chan's fat 0.09.(which is used from stm32-demonstration builder)

Both codes are working perfectly with standard sdsc card (which are below 2gb) but when I insert a FAT32 formated sdhc card, the following occur.

1) SD_init() returns OK
2) f_mount() returns OK
3) f_open with create new file option returns OK
4) f_write returns OK with byteswritten value returned as expected.
5) f_sync returns OK

but when I connect the sdhc card to pc there seems nothings has been written.

Also there exists only one file in sdhc named as "audio.wav", f_open to this file returns FR_NO_FILE

the standard sdsc versions are working perfectly, the init sequence seems to support sdhc but there must be something I forget.

Can you please help me ?