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STM32F103RE: ISP bootloader doesn't work correctly

Question asked by Reh.Tilmann.001 on Sep 5, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2012 by David Littell
I just started a new project with the F103RE controller. Opposed to the F103RB I have used before, the ISP bootloader in this chip simply does not work. Though it is obviously running correctly (verified by JTAG), the TXD line is not initialized to a high level, and no meaningful answers are sent by USART1 when I try to connect to the boot loader. Just to prevent related questions: BOOT0 and BOOT1 are definitely correct, and verified by JTAG the MCU is running in the system memory.

I was able to flash my program using the JTAG interface, and then the application runs perfectly - including communication by USART1. So the chip hardware (USART, port logic) appears to be intact.

Is anything known about badly programmed ISP bootloaders in such chips? (Assuming that the loader itself is pretty identical between the chip sizes B (128k) and E (512k).)
The errata sheet of the C/D/E sized chips contains very many issues, but this one is not (yet) listed...