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Question asked by pandey.amit on Sep 2, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2012 by pandey.amit
Hello ,
             I am developing firmware for  an application , in which a  24 series eeprom and   a GPS module is connected to same I2C bus of stm32l151 ,  stm32 will  receive  data from GPS  as "SLAVE ( DEFAULT MODE)" , and will  communicate with EEPROM as  MASTER , what is happening is that , while communicating with I2C eeprom , the GPS  master is sending data , and the flags like " stop (slave mode) " are set ,  so it is not possible to  decode the Event correctly in ISR ,  i am checking busy flag before entering   in to  EEPROM communication , still it is happening
is there a way to avoid this ? or  shtting down GPS module while communicating with  EEPROM  only option ?

Also how does "Debugging " affects I2C communication , if i Breakstop in mid of communication , while STM32 is in Slave mode , will it Hang ?