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Question asked by bassi.franco on Aug 29, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2012 by bassi.franco
Hello everybody,
I use STM32F103VE  with Usart1 and Usart2 as LIN master controllers  and Usart3 as standar Usart.

But for FW... I find only two pages on reference manual....set relative flags and breif generic discussion ...
I don't find  nothing about LIN on StM32F1xx, STM8S/STM8A.
I find  in forums several questions about this  discussion but  no solutions  has been provided from ST.
It's possible that ? ST don't support this standard bus?
Please there somebdy that use LIN on STM321xx?
Please, could  ST  people help to provide link or documentation, application notes, library, examples for LIN bus?
Thanks in advance.