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STM32F4, High speed MSC problem

Question asked by haruyama.yoshihiro on Aug 29, 2012

hello everyone

setup :
keil developpement board (MCBSTM32F400, STM32F407)
CPU Clock : 168Mhz from HSE.
USB Speed : High speed
USB Class : MSC - mass storage device

I use STM32F105/7, STM32F2 and STM32F4 USB on-the-go Host and device library.

problem :
I am trying to read a USB memory.
If it only reads once, it succeeds.
But if it reads repeatedly, an error interrupt will occur.

error interrupt :
OTG_HS host channel-x interrupt register
Address offset: 0x508 + (Channel_number × 0x20)
Bit7 : TXERR
(RM0090 Reference manual, page 1124)

Is the solution of this error known?