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Problems with FPU STM32F4

Question asked by Neiro on Aug 21, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2012 by Neiro
Dear STM32 experts,

i want to use the FPU of my STM32F4Discovery. So i did the following compiler options:
-Arm Architecture: v7EM
-Arm Core Type: Cortex-M4
-Arm FPU Type: FPv4-SP-D16
-GCC Target: arm-unknown-eabi

After this in CP10 and CP11 is 0b11, which should be good.
But i found som test code on the net (Here):

#define CORE_SysTickEn()    (*((u32*)0xE0001000)) = 0x40000001

#define CORE_SysTickDis()   (*((u32*)0xE0001000)) = 0x40000000

#define CORE_GetSysTick()   (*((u32*)0xE0001004))

float f = 1.01f;


vu32 it = CORE_GetSysTick();

float f2 = f * 2.29f;

vu32 it2 = CORE_GetSysTick() - it;

He needs for this 11 cycles but 6 are for the clock calculation.
So he needs 5 cycles for the multiplication and assignment.
But I need 18 cycles total which means 12 for the multiplication and assignment :( :(
He also uses the STM32F4Discovery.

Any ideas what could be the reason for that? 12 are definitely too much for this multiplication and the assignment...

My disassembly code for this is:

float f2 = f * 2.29f;

   ED977A03    vldr s14, [r7, #12]
   EDDF7A0B    vldr s15, 0x080003F0 <__text_start__+0x5C>
   EE677A27    vmul.f32 s15, s14, s15
   EDC77A02    vstr s15, [r7, #8]

Thank you for responses!