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Question asked by rao.nakul on Aug 16, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2012 by h.brad
Hi everyone
I am currently using the DCMI on the STM3240G eval board. I can get images upto a resolution of 320x240. I wish to get images of 800x600. I have read that for this resolution the double buffer mode in DMA must be used. In this case is it like half the image is stored in one area and the other half is stored in a different area? Will I later have to combine them to get the complete image? Is there any other way to get images of high resolution? 
Currently, I store the image in the SRAM and display it on a 320x240 LCD. Also I transfer it to the SD card so that I can view it on my laptop. For higher resolutions I wont be able to display them on the LCD. Is there any other method you would recommend to view these images or should I continue transferring them to the SD card?
Thanks in advance.