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Lot of problems with ST applications

Question asked by trapanese.marco on Aug 16, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2012 by Maioli.Francesco

first I apologize if my English is not very good. It's not my primary language.

I'm quite new to the STM32 world. I'd like to try some tools provided by ST.
The first two downloaded give a lot of troubles.

1) MicroXplorer.
Once installed, it complains about a dll missing. Why the installer doesn't provide it?
Then it doesn't run due to "can't start the JVM". But the JVM is installed (32-bit) and I can run other software based upon it. Any idea?

2) dfUse.
I downloaded the latest version but any tools I run (file manager, demonstration, tester) lead to error 0xc0150002 without any further details. In the readme there is no mention about any requisite.

My machine is AMD64 with Win7.
Any help is very appreciated, it's not a very good meeting with ST....

Thank in advance!