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Powering cycling STM32F4 board corrupts flash programming

Question asked by kutscha.tim on Aug 14, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2012 by fm
Hi All,

  Has anyone had problems with corrupting their flash programming when power cycling their STM32F4xx board? (or any other STM32 board for that matter)

I'm able to use the boot-loader to successfully flash code to an STM32F407 board and use it through several resets.  Occasionally when I turn off power to the board, it fails to boot back up, arguably due to corrupted flash programming.

Is there any special voltage power-down sequences I need to follow to prevent affecting the internal flash memory at power-down? 

Are there any pins I could control the voltage on to prevent flash programming from being affected during an unexpected power-down event?

I'm not writing any flash sectors during operation, so as long as I can use the boot-loader to reflash the system, I'm happy to lock down all flash sectors in any way possible.

Thanks for your time and suggestions!