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STM32F407 CAN1 Issue

Question asked by Schalk on Aug 11, 2012
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I'm new to this forum and was wondering if someone could maybe assist me with this problem:
I'm using the STM32F407IGT6 device for one of my projects. I want to use both CAN busses on the device. Currently CAN2 is working but CAN1 is not working, the funny thing however is that I've used the CAN1 on the STM32F207 before and did not struggle with CAN1.
I have a CAN analyser so it is fairly easy to look at messages etc.

This is my CAN header detail, obviously currently i just comment out the CAN engine i don't want to use.

(Please see attaced file for code as i am struggling to get it neat here)

So to summarise, when i enable CAN2 I can easily transmit and receive messages. When i enable CAN1 though, nothing is transmitted, and the can message is said to be pending..
I would really appreciate some assistance. Thank you in advance.