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STM32F41G-EVAL Ethernet 100MBit/s

Question asked by ingo on Aug 10, 2012

im using the stm32f41ig-eval board an i modified the example: STM32F4x7_ETH_LwIP_V1.0.0/ FreeRTOS httpserver_socket.
After the modification i can send data to the server an it send it back to the client. Than i measured the throughput with wireshark and the result is i only got 5Mbit/s throughput.
So i modified the file stm32f4x7eth_bsp and un comment the lines:
 ETH_InitStructure.ETH_Speed = ETH_Speed_100M;
 ETH_InitStructure.ETH_Mode = ETH_Mode_FullDuplex; 
but after that i havent yet the 100Mbit/s.

So what can i do to get the 100Mbit/s?
Oh and my computer I have checked he is configured for 100Mbit/s.

please be kind to me i not a native speaker.