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Reference manual RM0090 (STM32F407xx) contains wrong register maps (OTG HS, OTG FS)

Question asked by ccier on Aug 10, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2012 by lue.btvn
Hello ST documentation team!

I would like to report two issues for the USB OTG HS and OTG FS cores which I found in the current documentation (Doc ID 018909 Rev1) .

Page 1014 (OTG_FS register map):
The PHYSEL bit is bit 6 and _not_ bit 7!

Page 1155 (OTG_HS register map):
The PHYSEL bit is not mentioned here at all. It is marked "reserved", although it is essential
to use this bit to get the embedded phy of the OTG HS core running.
It is also bit 6 here which has to be used.

These issues were found while studying the ST USB libs in detail.
If you look in STM32_USB_OTG_Driver\inc\usb_regs.h you will find the following struct:

typedef union _USB_OTG_GUSBCFG_TypeDef
  uint32_t d32;
uint32_t toutcal :
uint32_t Reserved3_5 :
uint32_t physel :
uint32_t Reserved7 :
uint32_t srpcap :

As you can see the ST USB OTG  libs use the PHYSEL on bit 6. The ST USB OTG libs are working without any problem.

Please also do not forget do update the corresponding detailed register descriptions.