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ILI9325 without fsmc white screen problem

Question asked by tello.jorge_luis on Aug 9, 2012
Hi, i am using stm32f103rbt6 (a known board model called stm-mini), but i have some problems with this hardware. I am sure the stm is fine the problem is the ILI9325 lcd. First, all worked fine. So i started to load other demos. A simple demo showing an image works fine, next demo works after resets, next i had to push the screen to work. Only a white screen is  shown, even the hexs that already where running fine.

I have dissamble the screen: nothing wrong. I assume is a problem of software, but linked to the lcd hardware. Have anyone pass trough this problem?

I will apreciate if someone knows a way to unstuck this lcd. (i have not touched any code jet, only working with hexs).