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STM32F407 HS MSC read\write speed

Question asked by wainshtein.boris on Aug 8, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2017 by sameena shaikh

I did connect STM32F407DESCOVERY to SMSC USB3320 ULPI (USB High Speed mass storage configuration). And uSD curd via SDIO interface.

The MCU configured to work in its maximum performance:
CPU clk 168Mhz , Enpoint 512byte + aditional endpoint enabled + USB DMA enabled
+ SDIO DMA Enabled.

However the maximum read\write speed for uSD cards of class 6 \class 10 is about
6 Mbyte\sec. When i connect these cards via card reader i get speeds of 20Mbyte at readings.

My quastion:

Is it maximum available speed (6MB\sec) that can be achieved using STM32F4 in MSC configuration ?

Do anybody  get better results ?