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STM32F2xx USB Isochronous transfer issue

Question asked by yuan.eric on Aug 2, 2012

Hi! Now,my device has been recognized by the system and can be find as a camera in the hareware management .But when I open the device ,there is no video and with the bushound tool .I find there is only one isochronous transmation paket ,and then ,the device entered in hardwarefault,just after I enable the endpoint 1.
I have been bothered by this trouble for 2weeks ,does any one have any idea about the isochronous trans?does there any other configeration have to do before enable the endpoint 1?

Here is the steps I did:

1 .configed  the endpoint 1 as isochronous mode;

2.prepare  the data buffer

3. In the In token interrupt service ,enable the endpoint 1 .

And then  hardwarefault  occurred .

Best Regard !