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WKUP2 Operation on STM32L152-EVAL

Question asked by shankland.brian on Aug 2, 2012
Hello, I'm hoping someone can either confirm or deny what I as seeing.

I've modified the PWR STANDBY example to check the working of all three WKUP pins.
I seem to have a problem when I enable WKUP2.

If I only enable WKUP1 & WKUP3 then both work as expected, but when I enable all three then none them work. 

All I have done is to add in the additional calls to PWR_WakeupPinCmd as below:

  PWR_WakeUpPinCmd(PWR_WakeUpPin_1, ENABLE);  
  PWR_WakeUpPinCmd(PWR_WakeUpPin_3, ENABLE);  
  PWR_WakeUpPinCmd(PWR_WakeUpPin_2, ENABLE);  

If I comment out the third call that enabled WKUP2 then WKUP1 & 3 work again.
Even if the PC13 line was being pulled high or low by the eval board I would not expect it to prevent the other two from working.

Can anyone shed any light on this.