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External clock source mode 1 with TIM3 & TIM4

Question asked by dranberg.andrea on Aug 1, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2012 by Clive One
I have four timers configured to run in external clock source mode 1; TIM9, 12, 3, and 4.  TIM9 and 12 work without issue on my SMT3220 G-EVAL boards and I can see the TIMx_CNT registers update.  TIM3 and 4 however appear to not capture.  Is there an additional register setting needed for these timers?
I have the following:
TIMx_CR1 = 0x1
TIMx_SMCR = 0x57
TIMx_CCMR1 = 0x1
TIMx_CCER = 0x1