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Programming STM32F103 in Production, medium-high volume

Question asked by reisser.manuel on Jul 25, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2012 by Moore.Patrick
Dear all,

As part of my bachelor thesis, i have to investigate the programming techniques offered by STM32 microcontrollers.
For R&D I would recommend the use of the JTAG port since debugging is also a big point. But what is the best "programming technique" for production? The volume is about 100-1000 microcontrollers a day that have to be programmed. Important for our production is flexibility (ISP is definitly prefered over the use of some external program adapters), easy handling, hardware cost and programming time.
Does anyone of you guys got experience about this case?
You would definitely help me a lot!
Thanks in advance
regards, Manuel