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STEVAL-IDW001V1 Troubleshoot

Question asked by vu.michael on Nov 21, 2014
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I am working with evaluation board (STEVAL-IDW001V1) equipped with the WiFi module (SPWF01SA.11), and having trouble with updating the firmware (FW) to the board.  I followed the instructions to have BOOT0 high during power up and then pressing RESET (SW1), but the board doesn't respond with a ready message on my terminal software. 

In addition, I have tried a few troubleshooting options with the factory FW. I currently have a USB to UART bridge (UB232R) to try and send AT commands after the Eval Board gives the follow messages:
+WIND:1:Poweron (140128-caf4b79-SPWF01S)
+WIND:13:ST SPWF01SA1 IWM: Copyright (c) 2012-2014 STMicroelectronics, Inc.  All rights Reserved.
+WIND:3:Watchdog Running
+WIND:0:Console active
+WIND:32:WiFi Hardware Started
+WIND:21:WiFi Scanning
+WIND:35:WiFi Scan Complete (0x0)
+WIND:21:WiFi Scanning
+WIND:35:WiFi Scan Complete (0x0)
However, the evaluation board does not respond to any AT commands. I've exhausted every potential issues with continuity tests on the board, testing signal transmission, and so on to no avail.

Please help,
Michael  :]