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STM32 SPI/I2S and TI ADS7951 ADC

Question asked by sacchi.francesco on Jul 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2012 by sacchi.francesco
Hello everybody,
I'm evaluating the STM32F207IG and I need to acquire samples from an ADC from Texas Instruments (ADS7951), which is a 12bit 1MS/s serial ADC.

The ADC interface is a sort of SPI, with MISO, clock and a CS line. The CS line should be pulled low to activate the device, should stay low for the whole transfer (>16 clock cycles) and then rise again.
The needed waveforms are shown at page 23 of this datasheet.

I have to acquire at about 350kS/s with DMA support.

I've read the STM32F207IG reference manual, and at page 660/661 of its datasheet is described an SPI TI mode that seems similar to the one needed to drive my ADC.

Since I'm in the evaluation phase, I do not have devices and boards to hook up an ADC and try, could anyone with hands-on experience with STM32 SPI in TI mode tell me if that interface is compatible with the one needed by that ADC?