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Best declaration of array of strings

Question asked by lowpowermcu on Jul 14, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2012 by bil.til
Hi all,

I am developping an application on 16K RAM device and I am facing limitation of RAM size so I want to optimize the definition of the following pointer to strings and I want to  know if I am well understanding the stuffs
When I define the array as following, the whole buffer (128 x string size) will be programmed in RAM:
uint8_t* Buffer[128] = {
"STR1", "STR2",.....};
When I define the array as folllowing, the whole buffe is programmed  in flash memory and hence I optimized the RAM memory
const uint8_t Buffer[128] [20]= {
"STR1", "STR2",.....};
What do you think?

MCU Lüfter