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Boundary Scan on STM32F1 µCs

Question asked by reisser.manuel on Jul 13, 2012
Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I am currently writing on my Bachelor thesis about boundary scan and its advantages/ disadvantages. Our company is currently launching the new STM32 micro-controller family and it is my task to revise the testing and programming technologies used by our company and the assembler. I gathered quite a lot theoretical informations and the next step is to set up
a small practical example.
Therefore i am searching for a good and easy eval Board where i can perform boundary scan. Furthermore, i am searching for a debugger which is able to perform BS.
I have thought about the STM32E-Eval board and the J-Link debugger.
Is this a good combination for an easy start into testing and programming a µC with BS?
Thanks in advance, have a nice day!

 Best Regards, Manuel