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USB Host Firmware and STM32 - Pay or Free

Question asked by gleeson.denis on Jul 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2012 by gleeson.denis
Hello ALL

We have already completed a project with the STM32F103. It took some time to get up to speed but eventually we did, and completed a complex project.

Now we have a project which could work with a similar sized STM32 but with the exception that we need to be able to plug a USB memory stick into the device and have the device save readings onto the USB stick.

So now we need an STM32 with a USB host (Im assuming USB OTG wont do as Ive never seen a USB memory stick with an OTG connector)

I can see the STM32F107 for the hardware, but it looks like we need to pay for a USB host stack. Is this correct or is there a freeware stack that works?

If we have to pay what sort of money are we talking about?

Many thanks for any assistance.


Many thanks for any help in advance