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STM32F100RB: MCO and USART1_CK conflict on PA8

Question asked by steveK on Jul 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2012 by steveK

I am using an STM32F100RB and want to use the clock output MCO on GPIO PA8, so i have to set the GPIO to 'alternate function push-pull'. But I also want to use USART1 with TX on GPIO PA9 and RX on GPIO PA10. So far so good. But the clock output USART1_CK is also using GPIO PA8 when set to 'alternate function push-pull' and with USART1 set to enabled.
I do not need the clock output of USART1, so I will disable it in USART1_CR2 via the CKEN bit.
So can I us PA8 as MCO without having any conflict with USART1_CK, because it is switched to high-Z?