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STM32F205 Internal Bootloader

Question asked by mueller.jonas on Jul 4, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2013 by Bellons
To jump into the internal bootloader out of the application I do use the following code

static const uintptr_t ST_BOOTLOADER_BASE = 0x1FFF0000;
static const uintptr_t RESET_VECTOR_OFFSET = 4;
static const uint64_t BOOTLOADER_CODE = 0xc01adf5d7826925f; /* random number */
 * Check if the bootloader should be executed. This function must be called
 * before any peripherals of the uC are initialized. Best just after entering main.
void checkBootloader()
   if(__cs3_region_start_noinit == BOOTLOADER_CODE)
       __cs3_region_start_noinit = 0;
 * Force a system reset followed by a jump to the bootloader
void triggerBootloader()
    __cs3_region_start_noinit = BOOTLOADER_CODE;

This code does work well on STM32F205ZF but does not on STM32F205ZE. On both devices it jumps from 0x1FFF'0000 to 0x1FFF'3E1D and does continue executing code from system memory. But with ZE devices it restarts the device after some time and jumps again into checkBootloader().

I guess there must be a difference in the internal bootloader of the devices. Does anyone know the problem and have a solution for it?