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issue with stvp

Question asked by spectre on Jul 3, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2012 by spectre
As you can see from the schematic below,the "C3" capacitor is a low voltage 1.5F supercap that I use as backup battery to keep the mcu up during the stand-by mode.
My problem is that,while I flash the program memory and the option bytes of the mcu with the STVP,the supercap starts to be charged a bit.
So ,after I flash the mcu,I disconnect the connections between the st-link and the connector, but the mcu remains in an unknown state,and I have to open the R1 resistor in order to turn off the mcu.I tried to lowerdown the reset pin during this unknown state,but without success. the only way is to remove the R1 resistor.
Otherwise I can't start up the mcu..

Do you have a smarter way to help me on this issue ? (via stvp command line,to reset the mcu via the swd protocol,or other ideas) thanks.
For sure there is a way to reset or restart the mcu without open the R1 resistor. I hope :))))