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DSP CMSIS library compiling problems

Question asked by lombardini.luca on Jun 14, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2012 by lombardini.luca


I'm using the STM discovery board and IAR (IAR-STM32F407ZG-SK) board to write the preliminary FW routine for my project. (the IDE is IAR)

The problem start when I try to use the DSP library function in my programs.

To use the CMSIS function I include these files:

#include "arm_math.h"

#include "math_helper.h"

but when I start compiled a lot of error due to duplicate definition come out (e.g. Error[Pe101]: "IRQn" has already been declared in the current scope (at line 140 of "C:\arm\Progetti\MecFes II (V 10.0)\..\..\Librerie\CMSIS\ST\STM32F4xx\Include\ C:\arm\Librerie\CMSIS\Device\ARM\ARMCM4\Include\ARMCM4.h 35

stm32f4xx.h") )


I see that there is the possibility to make and use a DSP library (iar_cortexM4lf_math.a). Could you please tell me how I have to proceed to include the dsp function in my projects?



Luca Lombardini