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USB (VCP) failure when using a hub

Question asked by bakker.huub on Jun 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2012 by Chinzei.Tsuneo

I've not been able to find any information on this issue so here goes...

I am using an STM32F10x micro with the USB Virtual Com Port (STM32F10x USB-FS-Device Driver V3.3.0 and earlier versions) library. I have worked successfully with the USB for many months using both terminal software like Putty and Hyperterminal as well as Visual Basic 6. However, when I work through a USB hub the data transfer breaks down after some (variable) minutes. Both ends think that everything is fine but no data is transfered.

Is anyone aware of issues with the library that might cause this?

(There have been suggestions that this might be related to a bug in the Windows 7 driver or to backwards compatibility issues between USB 2 and USB 1.1 as a friend has had similar issues with other micros and hubs.) 

Any suggestions or pointers you have would be greatfully received.