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STEVAL MKI109V2 Firmware Update Fail

Question asked by sertkaya.onur on Apr 16, 2015
Hi everyone.

I purchased 109v2 motherboard for my thesis.

The board itself didn't recognize 123v1 board (LSM330D) even after numerous trials so I decided to upgrade the firmware via DFuSe software. I obviously used the latest release of the dfu file, which is called "eMotionV2_REF_4_0.dfu" acquired from STSW-MKI109W website. (The .zip package also contains Unico, Windows Drivers etc.)

I started my device on DFU mode by pressing SW2 button, DfuSe recognized it as "STM Device in DFU Mode" everything was normal, dfu file downloaded well. When I tried to Verify, it says "Matching not good, First difference at adress 0x080045c0". And it no longer can boot up in normal mode. Also not recognized by Windows. Just in DFU mode if I press SW2 button.

I think something is wrong with dfu files. I practically tried everything, generated a new DFU file from stock .hex file, compatibility modes for WinXP and 7. Now I have a dead 120 $ board.

Any solution would be appreciated.