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Which files to use? CMSIS from Keil of ST?

Question asked by pearce.cameron on Jun 8, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2012 by jlc.jlsilicon
I would like to apologize if this topic is already been discussed, but my search just wasted time.

We are trying to figure out which files to use for our ST device (STM32F2xx).

We would like to use the ST standard peripheral libraries.  It contains CMSIS folder and the peripheral libraries.  Can we reference the STM32F2xx.h file from this CMSIS folder?  Must we also reference the core header files (e.g. core_cm3.h) from this folder(s)?

The issue that we have at the moment (and we think we will have more issues in future with this) is that the stm32f2xx.h file is located under keil\arm\inc\st\stm32f32xx.  We need to modify this file to for example modify the HSE_VALUE, because our system runs at a different frequency.

We believe that because of this, we should rather include the CMSIS library separately from the compiler, however, we are not sure how it affects the Keil libraries (.lib files).

We have for example a newer version of the ST peripheral library, but we are not sure if we can use it or not?

Could someone please give us some insight on how to go about using the CMSIS library without it being tied to ARM compiler.  Also, we would like to easily switch to any new versions of the peripheral library should ST make it available.  Thanks in advance for your response.