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App works only once upon burning with Flash Loader

Question asked by smith.pat on May 28, 2012
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Hi, I have just received a new Mini-STM32 board from here:

I put together some sample code to, basically, flash an LED, tested it on a local debugger, no problems, ran it in the Keil uVision simulator software, all good, burned the binary to the chip using ST's Flash Loader demo, all was well, the light flashed normally; however, when I clicked the "Reset" button on the board, the app did not come back into operation (no activity at all on the board.)

So, basically, if I re-burn the app and choose the "Jump to User Program" option in Flash Loader Demo, the app will run, upon clicking Reset it will not.

I originally compiled this with the Code Sourcery Lite tools and the startup code from ST's Standard Periph. Lib. I then built a fresh project in Keil uVision and rebuilt from scratch using their supplied startup code - same result in either case.

Now, I had saved a binary of the demo app running on the board before I overwrote it. If I reload that binary, the board functions normally even after Reset; so I kind of think it's user error (me being the user :) I'm an experienced programmer but completely new to Arm.

(Also, I only have USB access to the board so no way to see what it's actually doing...)

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I can't figure out what could be different between the Boot Loader's reset and the hardware Reset...