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STM32W108 Interrupt help

Question asked by on May 22, 2012
This will probably be a very trivial post for some. I'm still pretty new to programming, and I am trying to figure out how to get interrupts to work properly on the STM32W108. 

I am trying to get TIM1 to count down and create an interrupt with each underflow. I believe I have everything setup right but I can't seem to get the interrupt to trigger. 

void ConfigTimer1_CountDown()
  // Timer 1 Control Register 1
  TIM1_CR1 = 0x90; //TIM1_CEN needs to be set last
  // Timer 1 Slave Mode Control Register
  TIM1_SMCR = 0x00;
  // Timer 1 Event Generation Register
  TIM1_EGR = 0x01;
  //Timer 1 Counter Register
  TIM1_CNT = 0xFFFF; // Value for counter
  //Timer 1 Auto-Reload Register
  TIM1_ARR = 0xFFFF; // Same value as teh Counter Register
void ConfigTimer1_Interrupt()
  // Interrupts Configuration Register
  INT_CFGSET = 0x01; // Enable interrupt on timer 1
  // The Set would also set the INT_CFGCLR to 0x01 as well....
void TIM1_IRQHandler(void)

Any and all help is appreciated