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STM32 and flash loader question

Question asked by rll_in_nc on May 21, 2012
Latest reply on May 25, 2012 by rll_in_nc
I have been using a Keil MCBSTM32 demo board for many months.  I've been using the ST flash loader to program the STM32 on the board with no problems.  Today I made some (probably incorrect) modifications to my code, recompiled, and used the flash loader to program the STM32.  Then I moved the BOOT0 jumper back to the normal operation position, cycled power, and saw that my program wasn't working.  So I went back to my code, removed the changes I had just made, re-compiled, moved the BOOT0 jumper to the boot mode position, cycled power, and now the flash loader can't find the STM32.

My question is this.  Is it possible that my code changes could have "broken" something so that the flash loader can't load the part anymore? 

Or could this be a hardware issue on my MCBSTM32 board that has by chance cropped up at the same time?

I have verified that my serial port and cable are all fine because I also have an ST STM3210E-EVAL board and the flash loader is still works fine with that board.