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DC32 Instruction

Question asked by bell.mark on May 18, 2012
Latest reply on May 18, 2012 by Clive One
 Hello --

We're trying to bring up FreeRTOS on our STM32F103c8 micro.

In the function vPortStartFirstTask (file portasm.s) there is an SVC call as follows:

cpsie i
    0x8002efe: 0xb662         CPSIE     i
 svc 0
    0x8002f00: 0xdf00         SVC          #0x0
    0x8002f02: 0x0000         MOVS      r0, r0
    0x8002f04: 0x200002e8     DC32      pxCurrentTCB
    0x8002f08: 0xe000ed08     DC32      VTOR

Immediately after the last assembler statement I end up in the HardFault_Handler.

I know what pxCurrentTCB and VTOR are,  but I can not find what the DC32 means.

Thank you