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USB Composite Device for DFU

Question asked by gregoire.heitz on May 18, 2012
Latest reply on May 19, 2012 by Reddy.Harinadha
Hi everyone,

I m trying to be in USB Mass storage Mode by default, and being able to do DFU action upload and download.

I read that I have to disable all other interface to get in DFU mode.
Thus, I wanted to use DFUSE to send a detach request which may get me in DFU mode.
However when I am in MSD mode I can t deal with the ST DFUSE application. 
(Even though ST provide the run time DFU interface in their MSD example)

I thought one possibility could be to implement a composite Device.
I would have to load both extern drive and DFUSE drivers.

Does anyone has an idea about how to do so?

I played separately with both MSD and DFU ST's example, successfully.

I think, I can start from the MSD example.
I have to set the DFUSE VID PID for my descriptor.
Then modify the DFUSE inf file to add the MSD VID\PID
And set the enumeration to get in MSD state by default.

What would be your suggestions please?
Thanks in advance, :-)

PS working with Eclipse Indigo, STM32F2xx.