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Graphic library for LCD to be used with STM32

Question asked by Ferreira on May 17, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2012 by ferrari.paolo.001

I would ask for recommended Graphic Libraries to use with STM32 controlers.
I 've found the "Resource Editor for Embedded GUI Library" developed by ST, but there is too few proprieties associated with each object. For example, I can't configure the background, text colour, and resize a button. And you also have few fonts types.

I would like to use a Windows software, where I could built the screens without spend much time. I found emWin developped by Segger. It seems to be good but it is too much expensive for what I really need.

I will need to use:
And maybe grahps in the future.

I'm looking for something like "eGUI/D4D" developed by Freescale.

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