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Difficuly of implementing nand driver on STM32F205ZG

Question asked by kang.keipy on May 15, 2012
Latest reply on May 16, 2012 by alokm
Hi all,

Now, I'm trying to implement nand driver of  SAMSUNG K9K8G08U0D (SLC, 1GBYTE) on STM32F205ZG cpu. However, it not easy to do it.

First, reading device ID is OK.
Second, block erase function is also OK.
But, read & write operation is not OK. For example,  If I write 0x66 all in one page (2048Byte) and check it has been saved ok, data may be randomly saved.
Moreover, If I read erased page, first 2 or 3 bytes are "0x30" or "0x33" and remaing bytes are all "0xFF".  I also have hard time to set parameters below.  I tried to find values for parameter refering to AN2784 and applied to them but It didn't work well, either.

  p.FSMC_SetupTime = 32;//12;//1;
  p.FSMC_WaitSetupTime = 64;//64;//15;//3;
  p.FSMC_HoldSetupTime = 48;//48;//12;//2;
  p.FSMC_HiZSetupTime = 32;//24;//3;//1;

If you have a tip, please answer.