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Not responding to NRST input

Question asked by bollu.venkateswa.001 on May 12, 2012
Latest reply on May 14, 2012 by bollu.venkateswa.001
I have a curious problem.  In one of our boards with stm32, because of some reason an external watchdog triggers (we are not using internal wdog for some reasons), the watch dog outputs proper signal to STM32 NRST pin, but the controller doesn't reset.  Unfortunately it is not possible to simulate the behaviour in lab.

However, on a power cycle the board resets properly and functions normally.

I have a board in which the reset signal is being given to the controller for a week.

Watching all the gpios on oscilloscope there is no change in the io states during the active reset signal input.  does it mean the reset is not being accepted by the controller?

Power pins are in limits, boot pins at their right voltage levels, external oscillator running with proper voltage levels.  NRST signal goes below 0.2V.  What else?