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.NET port of ST Visual Programmer

Question asked by Legrand.Thomas.001 on May 9, 2012
Latest reply on May 10, 2012 by laurent_l

I' needed a solution for production programming, knwoing that I need to program a unique serial number (not sequential) generated from my IT system.

Basically I had 2 options :

- Get an autonomous SEGGER Flasher ARM
- Use a cheap ST Link probe

Problem is none of them can handle a file with a list of serial numbers, Flasher can write serial at a given address, but this serial is a sequential number stored in the Flasher.

ST Link, via ST Visual Programmer, doesn't have the option at all.

So I investigated both options and here is where I am now :

- SEGGER offered to develop the feature for the end of the month (but in return I have to buy at least 2 Flasher ARM).
- I downloaded the STVP SDK and started a program in .NET (C#), I now have pretty much almost all options the original STVP is offering, and I'd need only a couple of days to have it working the way I want. Problem being I need one PC per ST Link, where the Flasher ARM is autonomous.

I said to the customer the most reasonnable was to rely on SEGGER to get the Flasher working for us.

Anyway, the job I've done on the port of STVP on .NET is there and I wondered if other people would be interested to have this kind of software (biggest advantage being I can add some kind of plugin for specific needs).