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STM32F207 IOs output voltage levels

Question asked by the last on May 9, 2012
Latest reply on May 10, 2012 by John F.
Hi all,
I need some information regarding the STM32F207 IOs output voltage levels... in fact according to the datasheet (Table 44) the VOH Min is:
- 2.4 V for CMOS ports
- VDD - 0,4 for TTL port.

However I know that all STM32 IOs are both TTL and CMOS compliant, so in the case when my VDD is 3.3V, what will be my VOH min: 2.4V or 2.9V???? 
Note also that the max values of VOH for both TTL and CMOS are not mentioned in the datasheet!!!

With Best Regards