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I don't know How to use USB-VirtualCOM-IAP..

Question asked by kim.sung_kyoung on May 9, 2012
Latest reply on May 9, 2012 by Reddy.Harinadha
Hello, I am a firmware engineer in Korea.
First of all, excuse me for my English skills.
I use STM3210E-EVAL(compiler: KEIL) which can do IAP(In-application programming) performance.
I executed IAP example at ST homepage.
This example uses USART.
But I want to use IAP through USB virtual COM port.
I saw datasheet of STM32F103ZE IAP(AN2557), and it said "This feature allows the use of any type of communication protocol for the reprogramming process(such as CAN, USART, USB)". (Page 1)

So, I ask you to use IAP through USB communication(Virtual COM port).
If USB-communication-IAP firmware examples exists, send them to me please.
I will appreciate. I will wait your response. Thank you for reading my notice.