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STM32F103VC - RTC Issue

Question asked by wormsley.jeff on May 8, 2012
Latest reply on May 11, 2012 by Clive One
I'm bringing up a new board using the STM32F103VC, and I cannot get the RTC to function properly.  In the RTC initialization code, it always stops in the while loop waiting for the RCC_GetFlagStatus(RCC_FLAG_LSERDY) to go from RESET to SET.  Looking at the crystal with a scope, instead of the 32.768 kHz I see on the STM3210E_EVAL board, I see a steady 3.3V on one side.  Thinking perhaps I had the wrong type crystal, I swapped the one from my board with the eval board, and the eval board still works and my board still does not.  I copied the circuit directly from the eval board schematic, so I have the same 10pF caps and 0 ohm resistors as used there.

Any ideas what could be wrong?  Anyone seen anything similar bringing up their own boards?