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Please help me to undersand how USB FIFO in STM32F4 work

Question asked by k.r.001 on May 3, 2012
Hello all, this is my first discussion here. I'd like to write my own software to control USB in STM32F4 device using bulk transfesr in peripheral mode only. I read USB ON-The-Go chapter in Reference Manual thoroughly but i really can't understand how to write and read data from USB FIFO memory.
It is said that there is 1.25 KB RAM dedicated to USB FIFO. On the onther hand the "CSR memory map" table says there is 4 KB FIFIO for each endpoint. This is very confusing. Additionally, when configuring USB one must assing each endpoint to selected FIFO but the CSR memory map suggests that each endpoint has fixed FIFO number.
Also, i have no idea how to write or read data through endoints. For example, if i want to send some bytes of data through endpoint 1 where have i to write these bytes ? Starting at 0x2000 address ?